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These are our current projects :          ( 3 of 7 completed )

1.     Céilidh Band click to join (achieved 22/2/2015) Ongoing gigs.
2.     Upload Bonaparte's Retreat to Youtube   click score & midi. Youtube
3. Perform, video and upload to Youtube  Freight Train

4. Produce a 'Roots School' CD We' ll build this slowly and incorporate all the completed projects.
5.    Write a tune that can become part of the band's repertoire. "Whistles & Wires"
6. Have one of our tunes played on the radio.
7.     Run our own, independent céilidh at the center.    (10th June 2017)

Our main project at the moment is Freight Train.    Don't be shy coming forward if you'd like to sing !

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